La Padellaccia | Bareggio (MI)

Information Technology at the service of business

Supportinformation and training for the IT related matters of your company.
We take care of your IT environment in order to improve efficiency, organization and security.
We follow procedures that guarantee the optimal quality of the final service.
Our solutions are flexible and customizable, helping your business running smoother.

Intervention needed?

Buy an intervention with NBD SLA (Next Business Day)

NB: interventions purchased after 4PM will be processed next day.
These services has to be considered activated starting from the second workday.

Our Strengths


“We guarantee specialized ad hoc support both onsite and remotely.”

Talent Selection

Choosing the right people

We identify and propose candidates with the right skills in order to insert them into you IT team, or build it together, both for temporary projects and for ongoing assistance.


“We manage daily and scheduled activities.”

Service and Project Management

Following a structured process

We design and set up custom IT solutions in compliance with the client’s requests and objectives.

Analysis – Planning – Implementation – Monitoring


“We work competently on both infrastructure and applications.”

Technical expertise and advanced equipment

Offering cutting-edge
skills and tools

We take care of the entire company Information System and our services are regulated by SLA.

IT Engineering. IT Maintenance. IT Management.

Via San Pio da Pietrelcina, 33
20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI) ITALY
+39 02 93435236

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