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  • Product quality
  • User satisfaction
  • Operational advantage of customers

NeTeCo is an entrepreneurial reality born in 2008 from the collaboration of professionals with diversified skills.

We possess a thorough knowledge of the IT world, ranging from more complex network infrastructures to new technologies still under development. We are experienced in Microsoft, Apple and Linux environments. When required, we are capable to support your IT staff, taking care of specific areas of your environment with projects in the short, medium and long outlook.

Why with NeTeCo

We are committed to provide the highest quality standards and when it comes to product reliability, we assess the quality of the brands we choose for you.

Who NeTeCo is intended for

For complex companies but also for less articulate organizations, which need to structure their IT department.

Who with you in NeTeCo

Our experts will help you, leaving you with no doubts. We know how to translate our solutions in a direct and simple language, keeping technicalities for when they matter.

IT Engineering. IT Maintenance. IT Management.

Via San Pio da Pietrelcina, 33

20005 Pogliano Milanese (MI) ITALY

+39 02 93435236


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