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IT Strategy

Strategic Consultancies

Technical training and operational consultancy
We are able to design technical training courses both for professionals or normal users, ranging from computers courses to specific software training. Together with our customers we design, build and optimize structured information technology solutions. We simplify your ICT structure for an easier management and we are capable of implementing procedures and policies for a scalable ICT environment.

  • Continuous improvement process
  • CTO as a service
  • IT financial planning



We offer multilingual support (Italian, English, French, Spanish) in extended hours to ensure our customers maximum reachability and efficiency. We also provide our customers with single point of contact solutions, reserving a dedicated telephone number and an email address.

  • Remote support
    Defective software creates interruption, reducing productivity and thus tightening margin. Ticketing systems and remote assistance cuts operative costs and help lowering interruption time.
  • 1st Level Montoring
    We check the status of the system through our tools in order to intervene with precision and in the shortest time possible.
  • Support for retail customers
    We have the necessary experience to follow the IT needs of our clients’ points of sale, even the large ones.
  • Ticket triage
    We are able to manage requests in collaboration with the customer’s internal IT team.


We are able to guarantee our customers full time availability throughout the Italian territory, seven days a week, with taking charge of the intervention within four hours (24/7 – 7/7 – 4 hours SLA service). We also cover all Europe through dispatch service and non-EU countries including Australia, China, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand.

  • Onsite support
    We provide help desk service resolving technical issues directly on site, reducing stress on the local IT team or taking care of entire IT processes.
  • Hardware Maintenance
    We provide qualified support for PCs, printers, servers and we run tests to ensure the efficiency of machines. A well scheduled hardware maintenance service allows us to keep all your equipment in the best possible operating conditions.
  • Tech renewal and rollout
    We are able to update the infrastructure and the machines to ensure scalability and efficiency with targeted intervention. We are able to prepare and plan rollouts and installation of new machines, covering branches on all the Italian territory, staging computers and optimizing ad hoc clones.
  • Operating lease and hardware disposal
    We can provide all contextual services for ensuring a proper hardware rollout that will follow the whole process: from the most appropriate payment solution to the disposal of obsolete hardware.


Our Team includes professionals able to offer specialized highly qualified services.

  • Design and realization
    We can virtualize your servers and roles so that you can overcome hardware and software limits, optimizing available resources.
  • Web Development
    We create web sites for companies, even high complex ones, using the latest web development technologies.
  • Analytics
    Analizziamo e tracciamo traffico e dati provenienti dalle piattaforme web per ottenere informazioni utili agli scopi di business del cliente.
    • Network design from scratch
      We can design and create the whole network structure from scratch, according to customer needs and projects, configuring equipment of selected market leader manufacturers.
    • Corporate WiFi
      We design and install the most suitable WiFi solution for your business needs, ensuring compliance with the most recent security standards.
    • VPN and VLAN
      We can provide solutions to access all data and business tools from anywhere, while keeping data secured.
    • Firewall
      We provide hardware firewalls for keeping under control inbound and outbound connections within the company network.
    • Web filtering e Proxy
      We offer solutions for blocking connections to unwanted sites, guaranteeing adherence to corporate content policy (white and black lists).
    • Microsoft Domains Administration (Azure, Office 365, Linux)
      We plan, prepare and manage customers Active Directory server, creating a responsive network infrastructure, according to business needs.
    • Desktop updates and asset management
      We take care of your whole machine fleet, ranging from desktops to notebooks, and update it with latest software releases and keeping track of asset distribution.
    • Servers maintenance
      We guarantee the operational stability of your servers, taking care of your system, checking up, giving troubleshoot advices, monitoring your servers and keeping your backups safe. We are experts in the management and resolution of OS X server issues and in the migration of data and applications from Microsoft environments to Apple and vice versa.
    • Printers
      We propose solutions in accordance with your needs, we install multifunction printers in the company network ensuring correct connectivity and configuration, scanning and faxing setup.

    We install telephone terminals and business phone platforms designed to support both SIP and VOIP protocols, providing advanced softphone solutions and helping our customers staying connected with their mobile phones, as it was their office landline. We also take care of the system maintenance, activating new numbers and installing new phone workstations.

    WiFi Survey

    A bad WiFi service means Problems. Your productivity and your image must be supported by well-made WiFi coverage: your employees and guests need it.

    We are able to offer a preventive WiFi network analysis and design in order to avoid any issues with Access Points (poorly signal or wrong position) or structures not compliant with standards (load-bearing walls, furniture, presence of electromagnetic disturbances or other radio signals, etc …)

    Security & GDPR

    Data security and GDPR compliance in partnership with Sophos

    We support our customers in the technical, bureaucratic and process adaptation for the protection of personal data, in compliance with the new European regulation “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) in force since 25 May 2018.

    Local and Cloud Data Backup

    We install and configure the most secure backup on cloud and hybrid (local + on cloud) technologies in order to keep your business data safe, ensuring that your company cannot lose any critical information due to breakdown or problems.

    Virtual Machine Backup

    We create images of your virtual machines states, so you can move, transfer and save server status without any downtime, data or productivity loss.

    Data Access

    We design, redesign, reorganize and rationalize with our customers their file structures, in order to increases efficiency and data traceability.

    Managed Services

    NeTeCo is able to develop and implement ticketing and monitoring systems that can be integrated within the existing IT infrastructure of our clients.


    We supervise the company IT system to always guarantee its maximum efficiency;


    Management We take care of all the technological assets in order to let every user be at ease and safe while working;

    Ticketing System

    We make use of ITSM tools for a prepared and rapid response when needed.

    IT Engineering. IT Maintanance. IT Management.

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