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WiFi Survey | Check your WiFi coverage

WiFi coverage
is a fundamental tool
to improve your business.

With the increasing need for devices that are always connected and increasingly voracious of resources, whether for real-time monitoring issues or for streaming of increasingly demanding data streams, having a stable WiFi coverage guarantees long-term savings of time and cost.
verifica copertura wifi in quota per infrastruttura wireless a 10mt
Thanks to the experience accumulated in the field with some of the most important brands in the world, NeTeCo is able to provide its customers with a complete service of WiFi coverage analysis, planning and implementation of the whole wireless infrastructure.
One of our engineers will analyze your wireless infrastructure, returning a map showing the current WiFi coverage and a remediation plan tailored to your needs.

Predictive Survey

The preliminary design, created using the Ekahau Pro software, allows to identify the model, number and position of the Access Points ideal for the customer’s needs (services used, number of users, etc.).

Once you have provided us with a floor plan, it will be our pleasure to give you an analysis of the possible position of the APs to obtain the best theoretical yield.

Obviously, this type of analysis is less precise than subsequent field surveys, but in certain contexts it is sufficient and decidedly cheaper.

Passive/Active Survey

WiFi detection in the field is carried out with the help of Ekahau Sidekick, which allows to accurately capture coverage and performance of the currently operating network.

If with the Passive survey it is possible to capture exclusively WiFi coverage and noise, through an Active Survey, by associating with a specific WiFi network (SSID), it is possible to obtain additional information useful for defining the performance of the wireless infrastructure and for performing more in-depth troubleshooting.

AP on a stick

Once the project has been completed, it is possible to check the WiFi coverage before proceeding with the installation of the Access Points.

This activity, especially recommended for large companies that want to proceed with the complete renewal of their wireless infrastructure, allows to verify, with the use of an access point positioned at all the installation points defined in the project, the real behavior of the selected access point and the consequent coverage of the affected area.
In the offices this activity is carried out with the aid of a mobile support, while in the larger structures, in which the access points must be positioned at heights greater than 4/5 meters, the activity is carried out using an elevator.

Spectrum Analyzer

Thanks to the Ekahau sidekick spectrum analyzer it is possible to detect and record any interference that may negatively affect the performance of the WiFi network.


The documentation we can produce consists of:

Inspection Report

At the end of the visit, our technician will propose you a concise and exhaustive report including the current state of your WiFi infrastructure, the criticalities detected (e.g. insufficient coverage areas, interference, Access points not working or not positioned correctly) and our proposals to solve them and optimize performance.

Ekahau Report

Customizable report produced with Ekahau Pro that shows, in an easily interpretable graphic format, all the measurements made in the field (active / passive survey) or the characteristics of the project of your new WiFi network (predictive survey).

Copertura WiFi Survey
Copertura WiFi Survey
Copertura WiFi Survey

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